Steer better
than ever!

IMO slew drives provide the most efficient transmission of high power and
torque possible inside a compact, closed unit. 


IMO steering drives

  • a single compact, space-saving system component
  • allows rotations of greater than 360°
  • highest possible torque at minimum weight and a compact size
  • heavy load capacity despite its compact size
  • saves on assembly and installation costs
  • allows precise control in the smallest increments using positional feedback
    (with an analog/digital phase angle sensor)
  • possibility to route conduits through it, e.g. for hydraulic hoses 


Obtainable in a number of standard sizes. Tailor-made solutions created by our experts using our application technology. Available in corrosion-protected versions. Specially developed for steering applications. 


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WATCH: IMO Slew Drives steer gigantic gates in the Panama Canal Expansion

Hundreds of IMO Slew Drives facilitated 2014 the transport of 16 new lock gates for the Panama Canal Expansion. Each of the 16 gates is 30 m high, 60 m long and weighs around 4000 t.




Here you can see
IMO slew drives in action.


IMO slew drives provide unmatched
reliability and service life. The devices'
housing provides contact protection
for personnel.


IMO inside

Slew drives – "simply the best solution"

Our innovative slew drives have multiple applications as steering drives for specialized vehicles, pivot plates for aerial work platforms, in cranes, forklifts and construction excavators. They do not require any set-up configuration and the compactness of their design is outstanding. 

Side loader forklifts 

Using steering drives in the WD-L series, you can achieve long duty cycles and deployment times through the use of bronze worm gears.  

Mobile harbor cranes

The chassis of a mobile harbor crane using steering drives in model WD-HC 0300 provide matchless maneuverability in even the smallest spaces. 


Ship lifts 

For lifting and moving ships up to 650 tons in weight. Eight slew drives from the WD-HC series take the weight of such loads, giving the gantry crane the steering capacity. 

Gantry cranes

Large moving gantry cranes move heavy and unwieldy pre-cast concrete components from place to place. The WD-HC 0645 slewing drive gives each axle its individual steering capacity.

Heavy goods tractor

Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) present a particular challenge. Each individual axle can be steered individually using an IMO slew drive under the greatest possible axial and radial forces and tilting moments. Despite extreme loads, the pivot plate requires an extremely compact design in order to minimize the height of the vehicle. Size WD-H, with a steering torque of 44,720 Nm, is practically tailor-made for the job. 

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We like IMO


For more than two decades, IMO has stood for mature, fully configurable and universally applicable drive solutions. IMO slew drives combine the highest technical quality requirements and safety standards with long service life and low maintenance intensity, thus providing the essential preconditions for long-term, intensive customer relationships.

Here you will find a selection of references:

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Our favorites


Worm-driven slew drives in light versions, using a single-row ball slewing ring   

Hydraulic drive (electrical version also available)

Rim diameter 156 to 713 mm

Max torque of 3,280 to 446,504 Nm

detailed information 


Worm-driven slew drives in light versions, with double-row ball slewing ring

Electric drive (hydraulic version also available)

Rim diameter 156 to 713 mm

Max torque of 3,280 to 446,504 Nm

detailed information


Worm-driven slew drives in heavy-duty version with two drives

Rim diameter 300 to 645 mm

Max torque of 27,072 to 152,610 Nm

detailed information


Worm-driven slew drives in heavy-duty version with a single drive

Rim diameter 146 to 645 mm

Max torque of 4,010 to 76,310 Nm

detailed information

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Our mission


We consider research and development to be our investments in your future. These activities ensure that both we and our customers are as competitive as absolutely possible. IMO identifies market and customer requirements early on, analyses and evaluates them and integrates the results into new products. Providing more user functionality and maximum technical performance are the interrelated aims of our development effort, which over the last few years has yielded a long list of patents and awards for our products.

Focus on research and development

IMO engineers believe in continuous product optimization and are determined to ensure that your steering applications are constantly achieving even higher performance levels, and becoming easier to use and safer.

IMO standard products

IMO provides a wide range of slew drives, which are all designed to be integrated into a multiplicity of industrial applications. In the steering drive segment, we concentrate on creating customized compact worm-driven slew drivers derived from our standard product range.   

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